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Oaks turns FOUR || DINO PARTY!

I'm not a huge birthday party thrower, I mean we usually go to a public place like the aquatic center, museum, or trampoline park, invite some friends and call it a party! This time Oaks was really excited about having a party so what the heck! The theme was that there wasn't a theme. Basically a four year olds dream: ALL THE THINGS! Dinosaurs, trains, animals, candy, pizza, juice, and cookies. What more could a kid ask for right?

First on the agenda was set the tables. We got these AWESOME outdoor tables from Amazon (LINK HERE). They come with the cutest cushions and umbrella (we took them off for the party so they wouldn't get colored on) We had one from about 2 years ago, we've left it outside all those years and it's in flawless shape, so we figured we'd add another one to our collection. You can never have enough kids seating!

I bought a bunch of party favors for cheap on amazon i'll link them all here: Bendy Animals, Bendy Dinos, 8 inch Dinos

The cups were cute tumblers from the dollar section at Target as well as a butt load of stickers and crayons to keep the littles entertained. The train going through the table and the giant roll of paper I used to cover the tables are from IKEA!

The giant Dinosaur is from Walmart and the fun glasses were from party city!

While I was making lunch the kids played with toys/ colored/ hung out. We ate pizza and then sang to Oaks with his cookie cake! You can learn how to make these awesome cookies from The Alison Show. I bought her online course and let me tell you, best money ever spent! They taste SO GOOD and are a huge hit at any event i've taken them to.

Then we headed back to the living room and started the real party as Oakley would call it. I got a bunch of stuffies from IKEA so each kids could "Adopt a pet!" I saw this idea from a kitty party where eat kids got to pick a cat, but I figured it would be more fun with group with random animals to pick from! (TIP: get a few more than you need so the last kid choosing still gets to pick).

I ordered key tags from Amazon, used some ribbon I had laying around and sewed velrco on on each end so the kids could name them!

Then they headed into the kitchen to make their "Pet Food." This consisted of tiny mason jars they got to fill up with things like sweetish fish, sour worms, and some little candy bones. Let's just say this part was Summits favorite.

Luckily it was such a nice sunny February day I had my husband hide "Dinosaur eggs" outside for an egg hunt! So we headed outside for some fresh air.

After that we opened presents which I have zero pictures of, but to sum it up Oaks was STOKED! He didn't want his friends to leave and he asked if we could have a party tomorrow too.

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