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Hi! I'm Mallory, a stay at home boss mom.

When I was little, I always had dreams of being a stay at home mom. When the day finally came I was stoked! I loved not having to be awake and ready at a time someone else decided for me. I loved our slow mornings watching shows and being able to make my home exactly the way I wanted it to be (decorated and clean). After about a year I felt like I needed a creative outlet. That's when Rad Revolution Kids was born (actually it started out as Radd Design but people kept tagging me wrong so we did a name change).  

You can read the full business story on the blog, but as for me, I love to be outside, paddle board, enjoy a view, explore, sew, create things with my kids, surf, take photos, buy clothes, and decorate. I'm lucky enough to be married to a man who shares most of those passions (especially buying clothes) and together we've created three little monsters who are the inspiration behind my brand and blog. 

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