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Family Game Guide

We're huge gamers in the colder months, we love card games, puzzles, strategy games, group games.. we love them all! So I've compiled a list with links and short little descriptions to help you decide if you'd like it too! Get your family around the table and spend some time together gosh dang it!


Family Games for all ages

(our kids are 5 and 7)

This is a really fun game where you each have the same amount of fun shaped pieces and you try to fit all your pieces on the board before you get trapped by others! It says ages 7+ but my 5 year old picked it up super quick! (2-4 players)

We are fans of the whole Settlers of Catan line, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the sets. The Jr version however is REAL fun! It takes out some of the fine details and makes it easy to understand and quicker to play. Has all the good aspects of Catan without as many rules. This is one of our favorite family games! (it says ages 6+ and 2-4 players)

This one if good for any age or mix of groups! You have tiles and either have to lay them in rows of all the same color but different shapes, OR all different colors in the same shape! Once you get all 6 in a row you get extra points! It's laid out kind of like a scrabble puzzle. (Ages 6+, 2-4 players but we've played with around 6 players and it was just fine)!

Tiny and perfect for taking with you wherever you go! This one is a fun twist on UNO where if you play the flip cards, you all have to go from playing the light side (white) to the dark side (black), mixes things up mid game when everyone has to flip cards!

This is good game when you want something quick and mindless but want your kids to practice their numbers or shapes! Each card has ONE similar letter on it, you flip two and try to race to find which one is on both cards! There are so many cute variations to mix it up. I'm going to add a version to each of my boys stockings this year!

This game can be tricky for tiny kids but it says age 7+ so it's going in this category! We sometimes play but let the boys be on a phase that is more simple for them to understand so it's very adaptable! Its one of the games I always chuck in my purse when we're going places with family or friends.


(not so little kid) Games we love

We're obsessed with this one, 2-7 players, reminds me of the farming game but just with cards. You trade and plant "beans" and earn money for different amounts you can harvest! You get to trade cards and wheel and deal so it's a great group game! There is a way to adapt it to 2 players that is still pretty fun too!

This game is such a fun group game, the more the better! Each player needs a deck of cards. Everyones deck needs to be different so at the end you can sort them out and see who played the most! Google the rules and you'll find a million tutorials (or maybe this comes with the rules) but I found this fun set of cards that would be so fun to grab for playing! We also like to collect decks with fun backs while we travel!

A quick and less painful game of Monopoly! Another good one that comes in a tiny pack you can take on your adventures!

If you've got a lot of time to kill play this one! It's always a classic good time


*I could probably go on but I just wanted to share my absolute favorites with you! The ones we tend to pull over and over and over to play! We definitely go through kicks of favorites but these have all stood the test of time! Have so much fun playing!

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