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Not only do we travel free but we now make money doing it!

I want to share all my tips and tricks on how to travel more, save money, and maybe even earn some on the way! My first MUST DO is get yourself a travel credit card if you can. I know this is old news but if your family can start paying absolutely everything each month on a rewards card, you will be able to start racking up tons of points!

We chose the Capital One Venture card because it seemed like the best option for how we use it and getting the most points. We're able to put all our business expenses on there and they also gave us a ton of bonus points when we first started. We've racked up so many points that our recent Hawaii trip was paid for in just points! We like that card because you can go and redeem your points on most everything travel related. It's worked with every single flight, Airbnb, hotel etc. that we've tried and we were easily able to redeem them through our app.

Tip number 2! We recently helped launch a company called JIFU Travel. They are essentially a vacancy travel site (just like expedia and priceline) that give you killer deals on all things travel! They require a $25 monthly membership fee but in return don't mark up the wholesale travel cost (kind of like costco and Netflix, they only make money from the membership). Flights, Rental Cars, Cruises, Hotels, Condos, Adventures, Restaurants, so much good stuff on there!

We've saved a ridiculous amount of money in booking through JIFU, they also give you reward credits each month as well as to your account like the credit cards do but you can use your credit card and essentially get DOUBLE the amount of points back!

If you want to learn more abut it you can click HERE

Last tip goes along with JIFU as they announced an affiliate program! That's right! Not only will you save money with them you can actually rack up a lot of cash through referring people to their site! They use what's called a Buddy Pass that they give members and affiliates to essentially check out the site for free. You can snag one of my Buddy Passes HERE (I only have 100 each month so if the link doesn't work it should renew with more passes on the 26th of each month ;)

I know what you're thinking.. not another subscription.. but this one is legit! We've earned travel reward credits from our card PLUS our Jifu Membership PLUS made money from our affiliate links we've shared with friends and families (thousands of dollars in just a couple months)!

If you're looking for a side hustle this is the most generous pay out plan I've ever seen. They truly want to give back to their affiliates and are set to paying out 65% (which is huge in the marketing world).

If you have any other questions I'd love to chat! Shoot me an email at

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