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Hospital Bag Checklist || MINIMALIST

When packing for hospital stays, my bag gets lighter and lighter each kid I have. Now that I'm on baby 3 I feel like I can fit everything I need and want inside this small day bag for both me and baby.


- Medium weight blanket (for winter babies)

- 0-3 size sleeper (just in case)!

- Pacifer Clip (because it's too cute)


- Oversized yoga pants and shirt (maternity clothes are usually best to go home in, or whatever is comfiest at the end of pregnancy)

- Hoodie and slides (I wear on my way to the hospital)

- Socks and grannie panty options

- Toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo, deodorant, make up basics, hand sanitizer (I'm just using up all my travel sized items)

- Phone charger

- Camera

THINGS MY HOSPITAL HAS THAT I RELY ON (and snatch on my way out):

- Diapers

- Wipes

- Pacifiers

- Swaddles and Hats

- Baby Wash

- Mesh undies and maxi pads

- Tucks

- Spray Bottle (for down there)

- Bra Pads

- Breast Pump if needed

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