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Newborn Gear to be Excited About!

This time around I feel like everything has changed. There are so many game changer brands out there that have truly made being a mom so much easier! I've rounded up a few of my favorite products I've collected for this baby and I'm excited to share!

The one thing I'm most excited about is the Willow cordless breast pump! It's a total GAME CHANGER when it comes to pumping! Gone are the days of standing next to the outlet with a big contraption hooked on and not being able to do anything else. You charge up the two pumps, stick them in your bra, and connect them to an app that will show you how much you are pumping!

( also pictured: THIS nursing bra that is probably the comfiest thing I've ever worn -SIZE UP, and THIS teether which is adorable )

We've heard so many amazing testimonials about Comotomo Bottles that we knew it was the brand we wanted to try first! Best part is, you can Amazon Prime them!

The Owlet Smart Sock is another I've talked about many times before. It alerts you when your babies oxygen levels aren't great and really gives you the peace of mind to sleep while your baby is sleeping.

Clementine Kids quilts are my absolute fav. Not only do they come in the cutest prints ever... they get softer and softer the more you snuggle.

When it comes to sleep swaddles and cozy stretchy blankets that you can wrap your babe up TIGHT, Rad Rev Kids is where it's at!

We got this cool Baby Monitor from Lollipop Cam that can either connect to your bed however you'd like or mount on the wall!

We plan on using the Dock a Tot for a sleeper which I know is controversial but paired with the Owlet monitor I hope I don't get any crazy commenters. We've heard so many great things about the Dock A Tot and it was one of the first brands I ever reached out to when I found out I was pregnant! You can even get them at Target now so add it to your registry!

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