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Newborn Essentials || GIVEAWAY!

We're so excited to announce this partnership giveaway and work with so many amazing brands again! To enter the giveaway head to my Instagram page later tonight for the details! I wanted to walk you through these items because they're definitely on the MUST HAVE list when it comes to a new baby.

First up this quilt from Clementine Kids. It may be for the new baby but everyone in the family already wants one of their own so I might just have to go get some more :) It's double layered and oh so cozy!

For me a good quality quilt is hard to come by. I love this one because its soft and compact, yet is big enough to get a real good cuddle!

Next up is my Lily Jade bag. This bag goes on all vacations with me because it's just the perfect size! Its easy to keep clean, and comes with an insert organizer for diapers and wipes and all that good stuff! We can't say enough good things about Lily Jade.

You can wear it as a crossbody or on your shoulder and the outside pockets are perfect for the quick grab things like your phone or keys! Its also a really soft feeling bag and isn't too stiff which is perfect for being comfortable while wearing it!

Also, we have an Owlet Smart Sock! I would strongly recommend heading to their website (which is amazing) and reading the info from there since it really is outstanding technology and I'm sure they can explain it better than I can. It's basically a sock your baby wears with a little piece inside that tracks heart rate and oxygen levels while your baby sleeps. It notifies you if levels fall outside of a preset range, so you can sleep easier during those times of worry. There's an app that you can see all the info on, and this round piece will notify you.

Last but not least you'll win a Rad Rev Romper! I'm sure you've heard it enough since it's my own brand so here's a cute picture of what your baby could look like if you won ;)

To enter head over to my Instagram and look for this image:


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