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Nursery Statement Wall || plus giveaway!

I've always dreamed of designing a nursery and since we have been renting it just never really was able to happen to its full potential... UNTIL NOW! Queue the happy dance! I found this removable wallpaper and my mind has been blown! Total game changer for renters because if they don't like it, you can just pull it off when you move!


Removeable Wallpaper: CHASING PAPER

Cozy Sleeper Bed: DOCK A TOT

Organic Footed Jammies: L'OVED BABY


Crib Sheet: TARGET


Before even finding out the gender of our baby I knew of a few things I needed to have. The Dock a Tot was top of the list! If you're new to Instagram you may have missed it but everyone swears by these cozy sleepers and I can't wait to test it out. The reason we chose Dock a Tot over other brands is the bottom section has padding. I wanted to be able to take it on trips and vacations with us so the baby has a familiar and cozy place to sleep wherever we go.

Next up is L'oved Baby sleepers. Not only are they organic cotton and so safe for your sweet newbie, but they're also so thick and soft. I'm thinking this will be our coming home outfit and this seafoam color will work great for either gender! I can't wait to snuggle a newborn in this!

Thank you to all the amazing brands who came together for this rad nursery and giveaway! Check out my instagram for a giveaway with all these brands!


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