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EASTER INSPO || Toddler & Infant

For my boys baskets this year I went for more of a summer theme. Good weather is coming up and it's always good to stock up on the fun water toys before the good ones go!

I got these Melissa and Doug water net toys because I thought they could be fun in the living room as well as the hot tub! Oaks has been obsessed with diving so I also grabbed these light up Light Saber Dive Sticks that turn on when they touch the water!

Any excuse to buy some kid shoes I'm all about! (I'm a little obsessed with tiny shoes). We don't have good water shoes and everyday park shoes and I thought these would be perfect for summer! They're SO lightweight but they'll still be able to run around in them!

Links: Off White || Blue

I love any type of coloring that doesn't include a mess so the Water WOW books are the bomb! You fill up the pen with water and then color away! When the water dries the page goes back to white and you can reuse them over and over. The one with the tiger has a bunch of different animals you can mix and match their heads, bodies, and feet as you flip the pages!

The other thing I like to add is one toy they've been begging for. For Summit that's a pair of binoculars, and for Oaks that's the pokemon ball.

For infants I always had a tougher time thinking up good ideas because they really don't NEED anything, and they aren't old enough to tell you what they want! Here's some of the favorites my boys have gotten over their infant years:


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