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If there's one thing you should know about having two boys it's the fact that everything needs to be washable! That's why we're so excited to team up with Lorena Canals Rugs and Beddy's Beds! They make amazing products that are easy as pie to wash!

We love this rug because no matter what happens I can just chuck it in the wash and it will come out fresh again! It's super soft and durable and I think it adds just the right touch of color and fun to the room. They have a ton of options on their site and I'd definitely use them for all parts of my home! The quality is great and it doesn't shed at all. Bonus I love the little pom pom action on the sides!

The lego table we got at IKEA. We bought the larger tubs that attach in it and my boys can sit here for hours just working on their creations! Its one of the most functional pieces we have and I love that if they grow out of legos we can just swap it for something else.

Now lets talk bedding! Washing sheets and blankets it probably one of my least favorite chores and I'm not sure why. Beddy's Bedding is hands down the best kids bedding out there. You can unzip the top blanket and wash it separately for a quick refresh, or you can pop the sheet off (which also feels like a comforter) and pop that in the wash too!


The little lights are essential in my kids rooms. We had some night terror problems and these things have made them completely go away! We got the cloud light from Minted Method Shop and the night owls are from IKEA. The only pro about the IKEA ones are they are rechargeable so I leave a plug in my boys room and they are in charge of making sure they charge them when they die! I like them because they can sleep with them and I told them if they ever have a bad dream just cuddle their light. It worked for us!

This arrow painting I actually made when I was pregnant with Oaks. It was really easy with painters tape to just tape out the lines! I highly recommend copying it if you're looking for a fun project!

This is at the end of Oaks bed and I let him decide how it went. I though it was fun to mix and match random shapes and texture to make a gallery wall. The house, fox and zebra were from target a while back and the cloud light is also from.. you guessed it.. IKEA! (The O sign was from a small shop and forgive me.. I can't remember the name)!

Last but not least another one of my painting creations when I was in a painting phase 3 years ago (haven't been in that phase since). But I do remember really enjoying making this! You can get canvas's at most craft stores and they're really easy to hang and keep! It's far from perfect but it reminds me of my very first nesting experience before I became a mom.


Here's a video I made a while back when we first got the Beddys Bedding. We still swear by it so I thought it might be helpful.

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