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Freshly Picked in the City

We're so excited to be teaming up with Freshly Picked for todays post! We loved testing out their new diaper bag- backpack in the color Birch. If you want to see detailed shots of the inside (guys.. its pink) or buy one, check out their site. They launch Monday January 29th!

I've lived in WA my whole life but rarely make it into downtown Seattle. It's a fun day trip and I was so happy I picked this bag to come along for the ride. My favorite features are:

  • the side pockets that fit water bottles easily

  • laptop pocket on the inside, perfect for travel, 10 pockets total, with some great magnetic closures

  • the large front pocket to keep your phone and wallet easily accessible

  • the top opens nice and big so you can find what you're looking for

  • fits my Joby (tripod), all my camera gear, and still leaves enough room for the littles

  • reinforced shoulder straps with a touch of leather makes this bag COMFY!

Overall we had such a fun day exploring our home city and would highly recommend this bag if you're in the market. It's definitely worth it's price tag because the quality is extraordinary and it wipes clean extra easy so you know it will stay looking good through all your babes. Special thanks to Freshly Picked for sending us this bag and we hope you all head over there to support them!

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