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This summer I've been all about the effortless casual style and I just wanted to share a few key pieces that I always tend to reach for during the warmer months!

First off these shades from Diff eyewear are the bomb!! Make sure to check out their Facebook page and like it because people are posting discount codes ALL the time for them! (I'm not sure when it will expire but I used Savannah Chrisley's code which is: SAVANNAHFB for 25% off). The style I'm wearing here is the "Bella" and I have a pretty large face so I was happy that these actually fit my face well! They're high quality and definitely worth the price.

Favorites this season:

Camo Shirt || love me some good camo! I got this shirt at target for thirteen bucks and it tends to be my go to! It's just a good faded look and the right dullness of green.

Coco and Kiwi Bag || it goes with everything and is a great size if you need to carry a bit extra but not too much!

White Skinnies || the ones I'm wearing are from Abercrombie and the reason I love them is that the front pockets are fake! I hate seeing through a funky looking bunched up pocket. I think the linked pair are the exact ones I bought but I did cut the knee holes myself!

Strappy Shoes || I am loving the simple banded sandals right now. I got these from target a few years back but they do still have similar ones this year! I love that these have an elastic strap and a leather strap so they're super comfy!

Adidas Hat || for some reason I'm obsessed with this one. Could be the "womens fit" but it just fits to perfection and looks good with any hair style. The color is a little faded black which definitely goes with everything!



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