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FAVORITE TOWELS || sand cloud

There's nothing we use more this time of year than towels! Living on a lake I can guarantee a load of towels in the washer every single day. With that said I'm basically a towel connoisseur. My favorite towels to take to the beach are from Sand Cloud. They're lightweight so they don't take much room and I buy the XL ones so my whole family can sit on one towel. Its basically a picnic blanket and a towel all in one! And I love the minimalist it makes me.

Things I like about these towels:

1. They're similar to a turkish towel so they pack up small

2. We take them on all our trips because they double as a blanket on the plane

3. They're huuuuge (if you buy the XL ones seen here)

4. They wash well and stay soft

5. They're cute!

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