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Mom N Tot Box

If you're into surprise boxes for littles this one is a fun one! We got to test out Mom n' Tot Box and my boys had so much fun! The element of surprise and opening each part of the package was hard to beat.

My favorite part was watching their little fingers try and open it. This was the sibling box so it had a few items for a 2 year old, some for a 4 year old and cute matching shirts in their sizes! It also comes with a little gift for mom which in this box was a necklace I can't wait to wear!

Summit's favorite item was probably the noise makers. Because what 2 year old doesn't love to make noise?

Oaks loved the wooden helicopter (currently still playing with it) and this fun little handmade matching game! We love supporting small businesses so a box full of small shop goodies is a win win!

Rompers: Rad Rev Kids

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