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DIY PEGBOARD WALL || Rad Rev Office Tour

The peg boards get a lot of hype on Instagram when I post videos so I figured I'd give them a blog post so I can herd people this way with ALL the answers and links! Here we go!

I bought these peg boards at our local hardware store (Ace Hardware) and it came as one giant sheet. I had them cut it in half for me which made me two of these boards (you can see the seam in the middle). You can also get them HERE at home depot for $8 for a 2x4 foot sheet (if you have a smaller space) or I'm sure they sell them at pretty much any man store!

To mount them:

I've seen it two ways, you can either build a frame around the back (so your pegs have room to stick through) OR you can be super lazy like me and get 1 inch blocks and screw them directly to the wall with the blocks on each corner.

For the pegs, you can find them at the hardware stores too but THESE I bought on amazon. Search peg board pegs and you have tons of options! Just try and think of what you're going to hang first so you can get the right style. Or if you're like me you'll order a bunch of every kind so your options are endless. The pink buckets I found in the dollar section at target. They come and go but they seem to always have them around holidays!

This shelf was a new addition and I LOVE it! You can find them HERE, or I saw these at the hardware store as well and grabbed and 8" board right there to fit perfectly in it. It will say on the packaging what size board you'll need.

These desks are my favorite! They're long and skinny so they fit great in the space I had to work with. We got them at IKEA and they're only $80 so you can find those HERE. I also got both desk chairs from IKEA.

STICKERS! My second most asked question via Instagram Stories... I get them from Sticker Mule. I've gone through a few different places and although these are a tiny bit pricier, the quality is great. I also wanted something that came on a roll and not a billion sheets so I could have it from my board for easy access.

Another IKEA special for you are these wire baskets. I'm about the get right of the junk on the left and fill that space with these bins too because they're that good. They're $20 for a stack of four, and you can stack each set on top of each other (it comes with clips to do so).

My closet isn't the prettiest but it does its job. This cart is also from... you guessed it!.. IKEA I ike that I can roll it around where I need it because I keep all my shipping supplies in there.

Happy March! Hope you liked the tour! (Calendar from Target dollar section).



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