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The Ring

(Another post I found from my old blog)

August 26th at about 8 o clock..

He rang the doorbell of my new apartment, I grabbed a jacket and was out the door.

I sat in the passenger side of his new(to him) ride.

The sun was setting and we were on the way to our favorite state park.

I knew what was coming, but I still was curious as to how he was going to make it happen.

We pulled off the side of the road and parked it.

He was texting,

In my head I was thinking how super lame this night was going to be if he was texting the whole time.

He put his phone in his pocket and we started walking down the trail.

I immediately regretted the flip flop decision.

The trail was steep, but I wasn't going to ruin his grand plans.

We got to the railroad tracks and started following the ties.

His head turned back to the phone.

I went along.

He showed me some awesome places we were going to come back to climb. (we were really into rock climbing)

He talked and talked and told random stories that threw me off.

Maybe what I had hoped wasn't about to happen.

The sun was setting and we were in the tree's by the tracks.

He finally made a move and pointed down the STEEP hill of dirt and tree's.

I pointed to my flip flops.

He wrapped his arms around me and said

"You're standing on Will You and there is an arrow pointing down."

Confusion filled my brain.

I looked down and in the dirt was written

"Will You" with an arrow pointing down the trail.

We laughed for a second at my lack of notice

and then started our journey.

Trail is another word I use lightly.

Bush-wacking would be the proper term.

As we slid down the dirt using the trees to stop our momentum

I thought to myself.. this better be worth it!

We got down to the waters edge

We jumped from rock to rock along the water until we came to a corner.

He held my hand as we turned the corner around a massive rock.

That rock was actually one of the sides to a small cave.

We walked past the edge as the sun was almost fully set

My face lit up,

The cave had been filled with scattered tea-light candles.

It was beautiful!

In the center of the cave on a large rock was written

"Marry Me?"

It looked 100000x more amazing than the picture can show and you can barely see some of the lights, but trust me, it was perfect and so much more lit up. (Day time view)

I was not expecting it.

For once I had been pleasantly surprised.

He got down on his knee

"So Mallory, will you marry me?"

I said of course and he slipped the most amazing ring on my left finger.

We sat by the water and took it all in. Together we are the happiest people in the world.

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