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How I met your Father

(I found this post from my old high school blog I kept through college and a few years into marriage, it's so funny to look back)

"We kept things simple.

I was stuck in Rexburg, where everything was frozen.

Flakes would fall from the sky and the average temperature always had a - in front of it.

I was looking forward to getting away from the college scene and seeing rain again.

It was about time for me to go back to Washington for the summer and I was searching for a job.

I use the term "searching" lightly.. VERY lightly.

My brother-in-law the "milk man" mentioned a job opportunity at the dairy.

Thoughts of the phrase "I work at a dairy" weren't so thrilling until reality of "the dairy" was an Ice Cream Shop!

Free ice cream... How could I say no?

Three hours North of home was where I would plant myself for the summer.

My sister let me crash at her house on terms of giving adult conversation and chatter of the inspiring "Pinterest"

Life was great.

I ate ice cream, and a lot of it.

I even got to dress up as the cow in the Sumas Days Parade!

I was working right next to the Canadian border.

I was there for work, not for boys. (who am I kidding)

I decided to attend the singles ward in Bellingham.

Judging 100% on looks, it was a struggle.

It confirmed my idea of money and staying out of a relationship.

That quickly changed when I was set up on a date with a recently returned missionary.

We went on fun dates and I gave it a chance.

He was a great guy, just not the man I envisioned.

As I lay in bed every night trying to convince myself to just "give it another day" things just didn't click.

The fairy tale was nowhere in sight and I went back to the drawing board.

The next few months were filled with


random dates

new friends

movie nights


eating ice cream

right arm muscles

star trippin'

and a Bonfire

The RM sent me a text on July 8th 2011 inviting me to a bonfire.

I was at work and things were slow.

I was off at 8 and had no plans for the night.

Every excuse started running through my mind.

Why would I want to spend another night when I know chances are gone and boredom could occur?

I left the phone in the drawer at work with the text message still open contemplating my decision.

I checked my phone again and there was another text waiting for me to read.

It was from a different boy. One I wasn't too familiar with.

That intrigued me.

I read the simple words which instantly made up my decision of my evening plans.

"Hey there is a bonfire tonight. You should come!"

I replied within two seconds

"I'm off at eight, when and where?"

Why was it so easy to accept the same invitation?

The excitement of the unknown was in full effect.

Eight o clock rolled around, I scurried home, put on a white shirt with black thin stripes to show off my recent

California glow, straightened my freshly cut bangs, and made sure I was wearing

my favorite Buckle jeans that made my legs look on point.

I ran out the door.

I walked through the lawn to the place where everyone gathered.

I did a quick scan of the crowd to see my options.

Awkwardness was at its highest potential.

I knew only enough people to count on one hand.

My brain immediately started to brawl

"I haven't talked to anyone yet, I can get in my car and go back home, it's not too late"

"Hey Mallory!"

a yell from across the crowd.

I was caught, the battle in my mind ended and turned to making the best of a situation mode.

There stood Aaron, his roommate, and the RM I had recently stood up via text.

(more awkwardness)

Small talk began, my California tan was acknowledged and a whole lot of nothing was said in so many words.

If this was a glimpse at the rest of the night, I needed to find an excuse to leave early.

But I didn't, and I was clueless as to why.

Conversation groups were shifting but there stayed a common partner.

As we burned through topics, stars were aligning.

How could I have missed this all summer?

Where was this boy hiding?

Why do we have the same opinion on everything?

As he started passing my internal tests I became more and more interested.

I was cautious, but willing.

The next day was my birthday.

He invited me to come rock climbing in the morning,

little did he know "mornings" weren't my favorite.

It was my birthday, and I was sleeping in!

I got a pedicure with my sister and that boy was occupying my mind.

Was he even interested?

I am a lot younger than him, he probably thinks i'm a stupid little girl.

Every question made me anxious for answers.

The thing about the world today, is that you can get answers at anytime during the day wherever you may be.

As I sat in that big comfy chair, completely relaxed while my feet were being massaged,

my mind was racing.

I shot a quick text casually thanking for the invite.

I waited for the answer.

"No problem! Last night was fun, i'm really glad you came:)"

BAM! There it was. I'm in.

The next day was Sunday. The seating arrangement was up in the air.

My left side was occupied by his presence, and I liked it.

He rested his right arm up on the pew but we didn't touch.

His body language clearly opened up to me.

I went over to his apartment that night on a movie night invitation and we talked.

We talked about everything.

I made it clear I was interested.

He made it clear he thought I was good lookin'.

As we sat on the couch shoulder to shoulder I waited.

I waited for the next move.

For once I craved it.

I made sure my hand was free and we sat there.

The movie was winding down and I was beginning to backtrack.

Was a shoulder good enough for the first one-on-one night?

Is he a slow mover? I only have a couple months before I go back to school.

Then the words came off his lips.

He was smooth. I was surprised.

"Is your hand there for a reason?"

He reached over and slowly started playing with my fingers.

I didn't need to answer.

We laced in and finished the movie.

My insides were smiling, but I had to play it cool.

The credits scrolled and the night came to and end.

I didn't want to leave.

We hugged for a long time. We were both on edge.

While our faces were pointed to opposite sides of the room he held me tight.

"Is this just a one night cuddle thing, or are we going to hang out again?"

I pulled my head off his should and looked at him with a convincing eye.

"We're DEFINITELY hanging out again!"

He swooped in for the kill.

He nailed it. It was perfect.

The next few days were great. We couldn't be apart.

We spent every night for the next month together. I was addicted.

It was simple. We were in love.

Our similarities began to get ridiculous,

Our future dreams were exact.

We even had the same toothbrush.

He made me laugh until I cried. I knew everything was right.

I brought him home.

He met my family.

It felt as if he was already part of it. Everything fell right into place.

The best vacation of the summer was creeping up and Aaron had to work.

I was sad.

It would be the first time we were apart since that first night.

I was on my way out of town when I stopped to meet him for dinner at our favorite little mexican restaurant.

He told me something that made a permanent smile.

He had gotten a couple of the days off and he was going to drive to Eastern WA and meet us at the lake!

I was ecstatic!

I waited two days for him to show up and they were LONG.

He told me he was on his way when he showed up and surprised me a few hours early!

(I was slightly mad because I wasn't wearing my favorite swim suit and hadn't done my hair)

I was leaving in a month for school.

I couldn't even last two days and I was suppose to be able to last five months?

Late night moonlit walks led to further conversation.

We had fun

We joked

and we kissed.. a lot :)

School became less of an option.

It was physically going to be impossible and we had to find a better way.

The vacation ended and I got on the computer.

Idaho was too far away.

I switched my schedule to online classes and started looking for an apartment in Bellingham.

My parents supported the decision. They could see it in my eyes.

August 26th rolled around and that was the big day!

I got to move into my new studio apartment. My first solo apartment.

It was small, but I was in love.

I got a special guest at 8 o clock that night and was taken to Larabee State Park...

(to be continued)

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