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Traveling with kids can sound intimidating right? Kids are unpredictable, and that's scary when you're confined to a tiny "cabin" as they call it. The first time we flew with a baby Oaks was 3 months old. As an infant they're pretty easy and can revert to milk and snoozing. Toddlers on the other hand is what you might want a few tips for. (Plus out trip to AZ in parentheses)

1. Pack double the amount of snacks you think they'll eat... and then some more.

It's always good to have a backup plan, and my kids for some reason always just want snacks. We just went to Arizona and I decided to find some snacks they've never had so they were new and exciting! Twisty fruit snacks and gourmet chocolate for the win!

2. Kindles, Ipads, Movies, Apps, Phone'... ANYTHING!

All those articles about screen time go right out the window when you're flying! Anything to keep those littles occupied. The winner for my 2 & 4 year old was an app called Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. There's also Monkey Racers and a few more. I bought the big pack with all the apps because my boys were GLUED, and I was grateful.

Another good tip I read was getting those cute little window clings they usually sell in the dollar section at Target for holidays and what not- they can stick them on the airplane windows. My boys loved these monster sticker books we got them, nothing beats the classic sticker book!

BUY THEM NEW TOYS!!! New toys always last longer so give them something they've never seen before!

(These cute little mini waffles were from a place called The Teapot in Phoenix AZ)

3. Strollers can be checked at the gate!

Hang onto your stroller as long as you can, they check them free right before you enter the plane doors. This double stroller by City Select has been a dream boat to work with. I got it from The Baby Cubby.

Now onto our fun trip:

We went to the Phoenix Zoo, which MEH, zoo's make me a little bit depressed and it seemed like the animals were few and far between. But my boys were intrigued and they loved the carousel. They talked about it for a long time after and asked to go back. One thing I feel like I need to remember was a little conversation I had with Oaks as we walked passed the monkeys:

O: That monkey looks sad

Me: Why do you think he's sad?

O: He needs his friends

Me: You know what you're right! He does need some friends.

Even a small almost 4=four year old can pick up that monkeys don't quite belong alone in a zoo.

The boys LOVED chasing rabbits which come in abundance around these parts. They were trying to catch one and were a little disappointed at how fast those bunnies can HAUL!

Overall we loved the Arizona winter. We might never come back in the summer, but we'll be back in the winter!

Swimmers: Rad Rev Kids

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