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MUST HAVE || Patio Furniture Edition.

I can't even wait for some warm dry weather to host some people in this space I've been working on. I've wanted an outdoor entertaining space forever and finally put all my ideas together.

The TABLE is perfect for our space. We wanted to be able to seat 8 but most were either A. over $1000 or B. too wide. If you're in the market for a long table that's the perfect width (and cheap) you can find it HERE!

This is a view of only one of the "leaf" ends pulled up, you can seat 4, 6, or 8 so you're truly maximizing your space! (the left section can fold down too)

The chairs we're $20 from target, I had a few from last year and they ended up looking so great with the table (and lasted well through a whole winter outside) so I went back for a couple more in grey, white, and teal. I still need two more but am hoping our target restocks the grey.

I wanted chairs I'd be able to stack up because 8 chairs is a whole lot of chairs laying around when you're not hosting or storing for the winter! These bad boys stack up perfectly.

So here's the wide angle view. I'm still waiting a few weeks to get the small tree/plant for the corner and for my husband to fill that tiny hole under our rug. But overall I want to keep it simple and have lots and lots of families and kids over to enjoy our view!

Grab some Rad Rev Swimmers and come on over to play!!!

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